Understand what growth hacking IS NOT by removing and addressing-common confusions around the topic

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So what is not growth hacking?

So what is not growth hacking? There’s a lot of confusion around this, right? What is and what is not. What we’re going to talk about here is what is not. Uh, in a previous video of talking about what is growth hacking.

So you can go ahead and over there and dig a little bit deeper into what it is. But what I’m trying to do here is I’m trying to tell you what it’s not because there’s a lot of confusion in this space. So what it’s not. Number one is it is not marketing and it is not technology and it’s not the combination of the two exclusively. These are components of it, but they are not exclusively just that. There are not a trend. They are not a fad. They’re treated and talked about like that, but it’s been around for a very long time. There are examples that date back over 50 years ago. Even way beyond that that I actually give in my course in other videos so you can see how it’s actually evolved and works and how you can implement it even in a traditional business or even if you’re building a startup unicorn.

Growth hacking is not not digital marketing

Okay. The next thing, what it’s not is it’s not digital marketing. This is the biggest one. Most people equate growth hacking with digital marketing. They’re two completely different things. Digital marketing is digital marketing and growth hacking is growth hacking. Although digital marketing can play a part within growth hacking, but it’s not the same thing. Okay. Growth hacking is not exclusive to a few, although there are few people in the industry. I’m going to talk more about that in a video about hiring growth hackers. It is not exclusive to startup companies only and is not exclusive to startup tech companies. Now, what’s interesting is that startup tech companies are the ones who utilize it the best for a number of reasons, which we’ll talk about in other videos, but it’s not exclusive to them. So that is what growth hacking is not. Now we’ve reached the end of the video.


Back over to you in my video

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