How does a growth system and growth hacking work?

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How does a growth system work with growth hacking?

Having an optimized growth system will 10x the growth of your organization.

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The growth system

how does a growth system work with growth hacking? Two completely different things. Let me throw this on the screen. Blue screen of death. When you get that crazy system era, we’ve all been there, we hate it, but this is exactly what we don’t want. Okay? A few things I just actually write right to remind you about. Number one is subscribe to my channel. Hit the bell button, like the video. Share it with those who have an interest in this that you believe that can I can help. But most important is I’ve got a hundred dollar bonus for you. Stay to the end. I’m going to show you how you can avail that. So let’s get started. I’m going to just throw this onto the screen really quick here. Um, I want to let you know that about 56% of organizations have a growth system. 4% of them actually have optimized the growth system and half a percent of them have actually harness their growth system for exponential growth.

Connecting the funnel, cycles and growth

Now, what is the difference between all day? So what we’re going to dig into is, you know, what is a growth system? You know, what is a growth cycle? How does that all connect and how does that relate to growth hacking? Because they all connect. They’re actually all in one place. So I’m gonna throw this up on the screen. This looks like a sales funnel because in many essence, it is my perspective on a sales funnel is being able to demonstrate to you the anatomy of a sales funnel. The reason behind that is there are many approaches on how to deal with a sales funnel, and so I’m not here to tell you what is right or wrong. I’m here to show you what the anatomy of a sales funnel would look like. And I have future videos that will go into more detail. We will talk about this because one size does not fit all.

focused on what actually works for you

You need to be authentic and you need to be very focused on what actually works for you. So that is the essence and core of a growth system. But it’s not a whole system. It’s a partial system. We’re going to talk about that now. We’re going to shift over again. Keep this over here on the screen, which is called a growth cycle. The growth cycle is made of three elements, which is the growth problem, growth, experimentation, and then growth extension. And that is basically the process of growth hacking, which brings in that whole cycle. Now if you notice with the the sales funnel, which we were looking at as a partial growth system, if you notice it’s not cyclical in nature, it comes to a point and stops, right? And so you have a growth barrier or bottleneck. And the way to solve that, I’m going to whip this up onto the screen now is when you have a full fledge optimized growth system, you actually have the two.

Experiment your way to success

So when you reached the end of the growth system, which is the funnel there, you need to recycle it because without cyclical capabilities, you will not be able to drive growth to a level that you be able to have exponential growth. So how does, how does all of this connect? Okay, leave, it’s to experimentation. Experimentations. Uh, we do. So we, we don’t know what’s going on, but we understand that data will give us what the future will look like. And so we look at experimentations, um, drives grow growth hacking and that lets us find the best way to grow, uh, scalability, which lets us find out what is the best way to move forward and full scale operations, which is about how to best way to move forward and to grow and for as long as possible. So as we reached the end, I would like to get your comment below how do you plan to build and improve your own growth system? Please put the hashtag growth hacking so we can get the growth hacking community involved. And as I promised, as we reached the end of the video, uh, I have a hundred dollars bonus for you. Go below. I have the link and the instructions on how to avail that. It is a limited time, limited quantity. I will see you in my course and as we reached the end of this video, I will see you in the next video.

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