Best online growth hacking courses (2021) to learn growth marketing

  1. What is growth hacking? (not growth marketing)
  2. Why is growth hacking important?
  3. How does growth hacking work?
  4. When should growth hacking be used?
  5. How to develop the skills to hack growth?

What is growth hacking — to keep in mind for growth hacking courses

How does growth hacking work?

Before taking Growth Hacking courses

  1. growth marketing and digital marketing are two different things
  2. growth hacking and growth marketing are not the same things
  3. growth hacking and digital marketing are not the same things either
  4. Social Media Marketing is not the same thing either it is something totally different
  5. digital marketing strategies are not growth hacking but part of it as well.
  6. popular growth hacking techniques are to be learned from but not copied they won’t work
  7. Conversion Rate Optimization is part of growth hacking but not standalone
  8. inbound marketing is also part of growth hacking and is one of the strategies used

Top Online Growth Hacking & Marketing Courses

What you will learn at growth ninja school

Growth Skills

Advanced techniques

Your formula

Data Analysis — growth hacking courses

Courses in programming and coding

Why should I learn growth hacking?

Extra tips to learn growth hacking

Why should I take a growth marketing course?

Growth Hacking course — GrowthX Academy

Growth marketing and digital marketing

Hiring a growth hacker

  1. strategy overall
  2. marketing strategy
  3. growth marketing
  4. marketing departments are obsolete
  5. Analyzing data and data analysis
  6. growth rate
  7. learn growth hacking
  8. viral marketing strategy
  9. viral ideas
  10. viral tools
  11. digital marketing strategy
  12. advanced marketing campaigns
  13. how to manage potential customers
  14. how to acquire new customers
  15. true north concept
  16. reverse engineer
  17. more traffic is not enough
  18. advertising
  19. going beyond search engines
  20. going beyond basic analytical skills
  21. going beyond landing pages
  22. going beyond your own website
  23. mastering repeat users
  24. mastering viral loops

What are the T-shaped skills?

  1. Front-End Code
  2. Service Design
  3. UX Design
  4. Behavioral Psychology
  5. Stakeholder Management
  6. Augmented / Virtual Reality
  7. Finance
  8. Omnichannel Marketing
  9. Distributed Ledgers
  10. Project management
  1. Analytics (web traffic, not just google analytics)
  2. Conversion Rate Optimisation
  3. Experiment Design (data science)
  4. Funnel Marketing (digital conversion funnels)
  5. Automation & APIs
  6. AI & Machine Learning
  7. Branding / Storytelling
  8. Copywriting
  1. Paid Social (Google ads / paid acquisition)
  2. Organic Social (e.g. Instagram marketing)
  3. SEO/SEM
  4. Tools Marketing
  5. Marketplaces
  6. Sales
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Content Marketing
  9. Public relations / Influencer
  10. Qualitative Research
  11. Virality
  12. Retention
  13. Mobile Optimisation
  14. Landing Page Creation & Optimisation
  15. Lead Generation
  16. Revenue Testing
  17. User On-Boarding (rapid experimentation)
  18. Lifecycle Marketing (target audience)

The T-shaped skills / Marketer model explained.

Agility is key to making T-Shaped teams work.

  1. Someone who is flexible
  2. Someone who is creative
  3. Someone who is a team player
  4. Someone willing to consistently learn
  5. Someone willing to share knowledge and train
  6. Someone willing to collaborate with others

Isolated skills don’t work.

Developing T-shaped skills

Skills of a Growth Hacker

What is the Growth hacker mindset?

1. Drivers



Status quo

2. Reach




3. Decisions




4. Tools




Introduction to growth thinking — growth by design, how to thinking design, and growth hack.

Nader Sabry



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Nader Sabry — Growth Hacking

Nader Sabry — Growth Hacking

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