Want to learn growth hacking? Like most of us, we will start with a really good book written by someone who has done it and has profound insights. Although growth hacking is an emerging practice and changing quickly as it develops, few books out there have the foundations in growth…

Growth thinking, like design thinking, is a design methodology for problem-solving. Design thinking is for product and service development and management, whereas growth thinking is about accelerating growth.

Originally published on https://mygrowththinking.com/growth-thinking-vs-design-thinking/

Both serve an equally important role as they complement each other in several ways. They compliment each other, offering design methodology, and growth thinking is an accelerating growth methodology.

If you look at the spectrum of business methodologies, there are four types.

Nader Sabry — Growth Hacking

Strategist entrepreneur & innovator in space tech, government, & health/wellness. Has raised $20m directly /+$100m indirectly for startups. www.nadersabry.com

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